King Song KS-18S Electric Unicycle

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King Song's KS18S offers high speed and power with a large wheel and extra large battery for zooming on most urban terrains and rough trails for very long distances.

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  • Key Features of the KS-18S
    • 1500 Watt motor offers more speed (up to 31 MPH) and power.
    • 1680wh battery with up to 99 miles per charge possible under optimal conditions. (Actual range depends on average speed, terrain conditions, rider weight, etc.)
    • The taller stature of the KS18S with integrated handle allows you to move the electric unicycle with ease when not riding.
    • Optional seat attachment for riding while sitting, allowing for longer rides and gives the feet a rest.
    • Battery indicator constantly shows the current battery level.
    • Headlight & brake light, for safe riding, automatically switch sides depending on the direction the electric unicycle is moving.
    • Light sensor automatically turns on headlight when riding at night.
    • Mobile device app support which allows changing of various ride characteristics, viewing of speed/ battery level information, etc. (Android / iOS)
    • 4 Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers allow playing music from your mobile device through the KS18S as well as for audio speed alerts and voice warnings.


For "Special Orders" see our Special Order Policy for more information on special order payment, shipping, etc...
Always wear safety gear when riding electric unicycles!
Minimum suggested: Bicycle helmet and wrist guards.
Recommended: Full-face helmet; wrist guards; knee pads; elbow pads; reflective vest/gear.
More Information
Wheel Size (in.) 18
Tire Width (in.) 2.5
Motor Power (W) 1500
Motor Voltage 67.2
Height (in.) 26.77
Length (in.) 18.3
Width (in.) 7.5
Weight (Lbs.) 50.7
Max Load (Lbs.) 330
Max Speed (mph) 31
Approx. Max Range (Miles) 99
Approx. Min Range (Miles) 45
Max Elevation Grade (Degrees) 30
Pedal Height (in.) 5.12
Has Bluetooth Speakers? Yes
Number of Speakers 4
Has USB Ports? Yes
No. of USB Ports 1
Has Trolley Handle? No
Trolley Handle Type N/A
Has Lift Cutoff? No
Lift Cutoff Type N/A
Has Mood/Atmospheric Lighting/LEDs No
Has Headlight Yes
Has Taillight? Yes
Suggested Uses Advanced Riders, Larger Riders, Smooth Road/Trail, Semi-Rough Road/Trail, Off Road, Longer Commute, Extra Long Distance, Very Hilly Conditions, Leisure Speeds, Faster Speeds
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