Special Order Policy

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2019

What are "Special Orders?"

In some cases, we offer "special orders" on products or specific configurations of products that we do not currently have in stock. Any special order items offered have pre-arranged agreements with distributors, suppliers, or manufacturers to supply those items. Most special order items will be shipping from overseas and/or require manufacturing, which will extend the delivery time for the item ordered. The prices of special order items may vary dramatically (positively and negatively) depending on the supplier agreements, shipping costs, tariffs, customs duties, etc. These prices can change at any time.


Special Order Payment Policy

Since our special order agreements with suppliers normally require committing funds immediately for the product to be supplied, and we do not have direct control over the processing, manufacture and exact shipping departure time, we finalize the charge of your payment method at the time the special order fulfillment request is provided to our supplier.

By placing an order using our "Special Order" method, you consent to this special order payment policy, as well as the Special Order Shipping Policy.


Special Order Shipping Policy

The expected shipping times range will be specified for each special order product. These times will vary depending on the supplier agreements and location where the product is shipped from. The shipping time range will start with a best case scenario and end with a near worse case scenario. Rare circumstances may cause the delivery date to exceed the maximum specified shipping time.

For example, a specified shipping range of 15 to 30 days means that the soonest you can expect delivery of your special ordered product is 15 days, but in most cases it will not be more than 30 days. We expect the average delivery for that range to be 21 days. Rare circumstances may cause the delivery date to exceed 30 days.

If the item still has not shipped in the specified maximum shipping time, we will work with you, based on the current supplier status and revised expected shipping date, to see if you are willing to wait longer or would rather cancel the order for a refund.

Tracking number(s) will be provided once the product ships.


Special Order Cancellations & Returns

Please contact us immediately by phone at (703) 718-6288, or by email at support@zoomwheelz.com or by using our contact form if you wish to cancel your order. We will make every attempt to cancel and or redirect shipment. Based on the status of the order, you may have to wait until the item is delivered and then begin a return process.

Please see our return policy here for more information on order cancellations and returns.


Special Order Warranty

All warranties still apply according to our warranty and support policy found "here."

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