Warranty and Support

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Warranty and Support Summary

New personal electric transportation devices (Electric Unicycles, Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters, Electric Skateboards) purchased from ZoomWheelz are warrantied for defective non-consumable parts, including motor and battery, for 1-year from date of purchase, with some exceptions detailed below. Consumable parts such as tires are not covered under warranty. All other items purchased from ZoomWheelz are covered by manufacturer warranty and the respective manufacturer must be contacted. Open box and/or used personal electric transportation devices as well as other open box and/or used products are sold without warranty unless otherwise stated for that item.

See below for full details:


New Personal Electric Transportation Devices Coverage Term

New personal electric transportation devices will be covered under warranty for 1-year from date of purchase. BTN eBike products have an additional year of warranty coverage for the motor and battery (total 2-years).


New Personal Electric Transportation Devices Coverage

  • Covers any defects in materials used to manufacture your product
  • Covers any defects in workmanship under normal use
  • Covers any broken components under normal use


Not Covered Under Warranty

  • Any consumable parts (IE: tires; brake pads; brake oil; lubricants; etc)
  • Damage from excessive use or use beyond the specifications of the item
  • Damage as a result of crashes and/or rough handling of the item
  • Damage resulting from negligence
  • Damage resulting from modification of the item
  • Damage caused by natural disaster
  • Theft or loss of the item
  • Open box and/or used items unless otherwise specified for that specific item
  • Any product not purchased from ZoomWheelz


Warranty of Other Products

All other products will be covered under the respective manufacturer warranty and the manufacturer will need to be contacted for warranty support and resolution.


New Personal Electric Transportation Devices Warranty Claim Resolution

To initiate a warranty claim, please contact us immediately by phone at (703) 718-6288, or by email at support@zoomwheelz.com or by using our contact form so we may initiate the warranty process as soon as possible. We require a receipt or proof of purchase to accompany your parts returned under warranty.

Parts under warranty will need to be shipped to us to be repaired or replaced. Upon initiation of the warranty process, a RMA number will be supplied and need to accompany your part. The shipping address will be determined based on the part or product being shipped. The shipping costs for Parts and/or items shipped to us for repair or replacement under warranty are your responsibility. We will cover costs associated with shipping the repaired item or replacement back to you.

To resolve the warrantied part, any one of the actions may be taken depending on the circumstances:

  • We will repair the product, at no cost, if the product is still under warranty
  • We will repair any broken parts of a product using new or replacement parts
  • Under extreme situations, the product will be exchanged with a new product
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